How to Activate an Ooma Device Online

Ooma, Inc., or simply Ooma, is known for providing communication services such as VoIP calling for business, residence, and smartphone users, and has been named one of Silicon Valley Business Journal’s fastest-growing private companies. It is located in Silicon Valley. You must first activate your Ooma account if you have a new Ooma Telo device. Online activation is available at It would take 5–10 minutes to complete the process. You’ll pick your phone number, set up your 911 service, and create your My Ooma account during activation.

What Do You need To Have Your Account Activated?

When you start the account activation process, you’ll need to have the following items on hand. You won’t be able to finish activating your account if you don’t have all of these things, so plan ahead of time.

  • Your Ooma system (unplugged)
  • A valid credit or debit card issued in the United States or Canada
  • A legal address in the United States or Canada

Keep in mind that the credit card and address you use must be from the same country as the Ooma system you purchased.

That’s what you’ll need to get started! Check that the activation code is visible on the device’s bottom.  If you haven’t already done so, unplug your Ooma for the duration of the activation process.

Why Do You Have To Provide A Credit Card While Creating An Account?

The activation procedure involves a valid credit or debit card from the United States or Canada to connect to my Ooma, your online account. You won’t have to think about any hidden payments or costs with Ooma. During the activation process, you’ll find out how high your local taxes and fees will be each month. If you sign up for extra Ooma facilities, that’s what you’ll have to pay.

How to Activate an Ooma Device Online

  • Launch your regular browser on your computer.
  • Type “” in the address bar.
  • This leads you to the activation page where you need the activation code of 7 characters. The code should be at the bottom of the unit.
  • In the specified box, enter the code, i.e. the “activation code.”
  • Click on the tab “Next.
  • Just follow the online directions and fill the remaining stages – telephone number, contact details, service address and billing information.
  • At the end of this procedure, you will be able to activate your device.

When should You Connect Ooma system?

At the end of the activation step, you will be instructed to plug in your Ooma system. Don’t be bothered if you plugged it in too soon! Simply unplug your device and wait a couple of minutes before plugging it again.

Is It Possible To Reactivate A Used Ooma Device?

Since you’re talking about reactivating a used Ooma system, you should know that it was most likely already activated. It’s now just a matter of updating or activating it for your personal details. So, how can you know if your Ooma system has been activated before?

Go to to see if that’s the case. Enter the activation code there. Contact Ooma Customer Care to check your device details if it has already been activated. A one-time re-activation charge would be needed. A new two-month free trial has been applied to your account.

How to Activate Ooma Telo Base Station?

Online Activation

The measures to activate and set up the Ooma Telo Base Station are shown below.

  • Locate the activation code on your Telo Base Station device (7-digit).
  • After that, go to to complete the process.
  • Please enter the code found on the bottom of your Ooma unit.
  • It will then lead you through choosing a phone number, registering your 911 address, entering billing details, and setting up your “My Ooma Account.”
  • You will get an email confirmation code. This signifies the activation of your device.

Connect With The Internet

It’s time to get the system set up and running. Use the included Ethernet cable to connect the Telo’s Internet port to begin the setup process.

Connect With The Phone

Attach the cord to the Phone port on the Base Station after connecting to the Internet.

Connect the Base Station

An AC adapter must have been sent to you. This will assist you in connecting the Base Station’s Power port to a wall socket.

See the logo of Ooma

It’s supposed to blink as the device gets ready. When the device upgrades you are advised to not disconnect the Base Station.

When the logo turns solid blue, pick up the phone. You can hear the dial sound. This shows that the device has been configured now.

If you recently purchased a new or used Ooma device, refer to the information/steps listed above.

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