How to Watch NBA Games On Roku Devices

With the NBA season just around the corner, there are a variety of methods to keep up with the game. You might gravitate for on-demand programmes such as NBA League Pass if you are a great fan. Perhaps you’d rather to read about some of the other methods to watch your favourite teams. Like other sports, you will need to pay into your wallet if you want full access to the games. That stated, we present several paid and unpaid options—but the higher you spend, the greater coverage you obtain, as you presumably would assume.

Fortunately, the Roku NBA coverage can be tuned in several ways. Many Roku media players may be selected from. You’ll also get access to the Roku Channel Store, which has apps that display NBA games, news, and updates, with each Roku device. Continue reading to learn about all the different ways you may watch.

Free NBA Content on Roku

The Roku NBA application may be downloaded without charge, so you don’t have to worry about just downloading it. The app’s home screen displays Featured content, which includes free videos that don’t require checking in or a pay TV provider’s authentication. “Friday’s Top 10 Plays,” “Celtics’ Jones’ legacy synonymous with winning,” and “Anthony Davis’ NBA Debut Lookback” are some of the presently accessible videos. Unfortunately, practically every video requires you to watch a commercial; many of the videos are barely a minute long and are preceded by a 30-second commercial – not the type of ad-to-content ratio that most of us can handle.

You may view videos on a variety of topics, including current events like Christmas Day games, if you’re ready to deal with the ads. There are other video categories such as Best of Young Stars, which features many videos on numerous younger NBA players, Notable Debut Games, “Shaqtin’ A Fool,” Team Highlight Reels, NBA Stars Mixtapes, Before They Were Stars, and others.

The NBA schedule (choose Games from the top of the screen menu bar) and current rankings are also open for free (also available through the menu bar). It’s probably not worth the effort to use the NBA Roku channel only for this information, which is easily accessed on the web, unless you’re already viewing video.

Channels of NBA In ROKU

The Roku Store is the key to gaining access to the much-desired NBA team and league news coverage. Payable subscriptions are available both on-demand and cable solutions, although non-payable apps and channels tend to provide more information and feedback. The Roku Store also supports all of the big television networks such as ESPN, TNT and NBC. But an existing cable bundle will be needed – further on, below. Sadly, the Roku Store does not have team-specific channels, but the YouTube app is fairly simple to work through. Just download the YouTube channels and follow your favourite teams.


FuboTV began as a soccer-only streaming service in 2015, then expanded to include other sports in 2017, before becoming a full-fledged cable-replacement service in 2018. Starting at $59.99 per month, fuboTV may be customised with channel bundles and other services. NBA coverage is available on fuboTV in a full package. CBS Sports Network, FS1, FS2, MLB Network, NFL Network, and NFL RedZone are among the networks available, in addition to the numerous ESPN networks and NBA TV. TNT, along with a few other stations, has recently left fuboTV.


One of the few apps that may be used at no cost is the NBA App on Roku Store. You’ll just be able to see short films and stats, but it’ll keep you up to date. You’ll need a paid subscription to a service like NBA League Pass to utilise the app to stream games. It’s important to note that all games are subject to blackouts.

NBA Top 

Free apps, especially for sports, are not always easy to achieve. NBA Top, however, is among the few to provide NBA coverage. Don’t anticipate live and full games, but you will have many videos on Best Moments, Highlights and Last Gameplays. This app is useful particularly if you are keeping up with news and notable games from the latest league. The NBA Top addicting for any NBA superfan is continually curated by each playlist.


You can watch ESPN programming on your Roku device in a variety of ways. ESPN is not a free channel and functions as an add-on to your current TV provider. When you open the Roku Channel Store and add a channel, you will be prompted to provide your cable provider’s details. If you have the ESPN+ app, which costs $4.99 a month, you may begin viewing immediately after activating your account via Roku.

Hulu + Live TV 

NBA games are accessible on a variety of channels, including ESPN and TNT, as part of Hulu’s live TV package. Indeed, Hulu + Live TV features a lot of sports-related channels. Hulu + Live TV is an alternative cable service which operates just the same as traditional television. You may add your Hulu + Live TV subscription, just like fuboTV, by installing the Hulu app from the Roku Store and connecting your account details. The streaming services offered by Hulu are as dissimilar as horses and zebras. Learn more about Hulu’s on-demand app by reading our expert analyses.


In addition to ESPN, TNT is one of the few NBA games networks. TNT is a must watch every game after signing its contract with NBA that stretches through the 2024-2025 season. However, in contrast to ESPN, the Roku Store does not provide a TNT app. Instead, you have to watch Hulu+ Live TV or Sling TV for an alternate cable subscription. Not every TV provider has TNT (such as fuboTV above), so check before purchasing what each service provides. Free trial time is available in nearly every cable alternative provider for 1 week. Before you buy, we highly recommend that you test every service.

NBA Games and NBA TV on Roku

You must subscribe to NBA TV or NBA League Pass (see fees below) or on NBA TV via a participating pay TV provider to watch live games on the NBA Roku app or to watch NBA TV live stream. League Pass users and authenticated pay television customers may be able to watch NBA games on live and on demand, including compressed replays, but they should remember that vision is subject to blackouts, including unable to access local live games. NBA TV subscribers are given NBA TV access, 24-hour live broadcasts, interviews, and press conferences.

Contact NBA Support at if you’re having trouble with the NBA app on Roku.Your cable or cable-replacement service is the best way to watch the NBA on Roku. In the Roku Channel Store, almost every service has an app, so you can sign up for your paid account. But there are also a few free apps if you’re trying to save a buck. It is only that you can’t tuned into live game broadcasts with free apps like NBA Top. You will instead find limited highlights and league statistics videos. But what else can you expect without any cost?

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