Steps to Activate Twitch TV Using

You can activate Twitch TV on your device if you are a gamer and are interested in video games. Check this blog if the new user is you. This guide helps you to activate Twitch TV on a variety of devices using (

What Is Twitch TV?

Twitch TV is a platform for gamers to watch. Twitch TV is essentially a subsidiary of the Amazon house. Twitch TV plays gameplay videos as well as live gameplay on the server. Moreover, for gaming videos broadcast on the server, there are no specific genres. However, if you are a new user of Twitch TV, this guide will benefit you.

Twitch, an American video live watching service with over 100 million viewers per month, is owned by and run by Twitch Interactive, Inc… In 2015 Twitch. By 2017, it remained the best online watching service in the country for video games. By 2020, more than three billion broadcasters were broadcast monthly by Twitch. As of May 2018, it had more than 27,000 partner channels.

How to Create an Account on Twitch TV

Before you search for steps to activate, create an account on Twitch TV. You can complete the task of creating a Twitch TV account by going to or downloading the app from the official website and creating an account.

  • Start your favorite web browser and browse for
  • Check for the “Sign up” button and click it.
  • You’ll see the registration form – Join Twitch Today – pop up on the screen.
  • Here you need to enter all the details correctly, select a user name, set your password, and also include your e-mail address and your DOB.
  • Choose the option you want to not be a robot and click on the “Sign up” button

Alternatively, you can pick your Facebook account and not enter all the information. It will then take up your Facebook account with the credentials. Now, adhere to the on-screen instructions to create an account, and then log in to Twitch TV. You’re all ready to the activation process.

Steps to Activate Twitch TV on different Devices

Here are all guidelines that can be implemented on different devices for Twitch TV Activate.

Activate Twitch TV on ROKU

To activate your Twitch TV on Roku, go through the steps.

  • You have to log in to your Roku account first. You can also create an account if you are a new user.
  • You now have to visit Roku Home from there. You must then search and click on the Channel Store.
  • You need to search for Twitch TV in the Store, download and install it in Roku.
  • Then go to the Channel option below the twisted logo to get the six-digit activation code.
  • You will then visit and log in to the Twitch account by providing your login credentials.
  • After that, you have to provide the window with a six-digit activation code and then press the activate button.
  • You will now activate Roku once the above process is completed. Now you can get all the features of the Roku and its optimal efficiency.

Activate Twitch TV on PlayStation

This is for you gamers, so you can review the steps below if you want to watch your gameplays or watch live gameplays with your PS3/PS4.

  • Launch your PlayStation.
  • Then you need to open the PS Play Store and then you need to find the Twitch TV app in the store. Download and install your Twitch TV.
  • You now need to visit and log in to the Twitch account by providing your login credentials. After this six-digit will be shown
  • After that, you need to open the downloaded Twitch TV app, and then press the Twitch TV SIgn-in button to provide the Login Credentials.
  • You now have to enter the six-digit activation code on the next screen.
  • In addition, Twitch TV will be activated on the Play Station.

You can now broadcast all of your games as well as watch live gameplay.

Activate Twitch TV on Xbox

Another move in the instructions that you can choose to activate the Twitch TV on the Xbox gaming consoles.

  • Sign in to the Xbox account, then you’ll need to go to the dashboard and press the Store tab.
  • Go to the Apps section of the store and then search for “Twitch TV.” Download and install the application on the system.
  • At the same time, you need to visit and sign in to the Twitch account by providing your login information. After this six-digit will be shown
  • When the installation is complete, launch the app you downloaded from the Xbox store.
  • Now try logging in to Twitch TV, and then enter the six digit application code to activate the Twitch TV on the Xbox with a click on the Activate button.
  • This method is going to take a while to process. Wait for the completion of the process.

Activate Twitch TV on Amazon Firestick

Twitch is Amazon’s subsidiary, as we have already mentioned. The steps to activate the Twitch in the Amazon Firestick are given below.

  • Connect the Amazon Firestick to your TV and download the Twitch TV app.
  • After that, install it on your device. Start the application after the installation is complete.
  • Now select the Login options from the left bottom corner of the Twitch application.
  • Navigate to the website using login credentials from the browser.
  • The six-digit activation code that appears on the Twitch link when you have logged in must be entered on the next window, then press Activate.
  • After the process is finished, you are logged into the Twitch TV on the Amazon Firestick successfully. You can now return to your TV and you can then use Amazon TV for all Twitch TV features.

Activate Twitch TV on PlayStation Using

You can watch your gameplays with your PS3 or PS4. Take a look and discover the steps needed to complete the PlayStation TV activation process.

  • Launch the PlayStation and head to the Store Play.
  • Find and install the Twitch TV app on the PS.
  • Go to on your computer and sign up with credentials for your Twitch account.
  • You must take the activation code into account. It would have been 6 digits.
  • Start the app on your PlayStation, sign in using your credential, and enter the code.

The process of activation is complete. Broadcast or watch all the games you play on the PS.

Additional Twitch TV Configuration after Installation Process

As you know, any application extensions can improve the application’s performance. You can therefore opt for the following processes if you want to install any extension in the application.

  • Open the Twitch dashboard.
  • From there, you need to open the new “Extension Manager” tab. Now you’ll see two sections of the tab, one is “Installed Extensions” and the other is “Available Extensions.”
  • To install the extensions, click on the “Install” button on the right side of the extension card. Alternatively, you may also hit the Install button on the Details extension page for Twitch TV installation.
  • You must check the “Installed Extensions” list that you have on the left side of the menu’s “Extension Manager” tab in order to view the Installed Extensions.
  • Once the extension is installed, two options are displayed, either ‘Continue Browsing’ or ‘Configure‘ for the extension.
  • So, if you select the ‘Continue Browsing’ option, you will be redirected to the current page. However, when you select the “Configuration” option, the configuration options will be opened to change the extension you installed on the Twitch.

Activation of the Twitch Extension

After the Twitch has been installed, the Extension must now be activated, so the instructions given below can be followed.

  • First of all, you must click the “Activate” button next to each extension you have installed. Enter the extension you would like to use.
  • You will now see the Overlay option as the EXTENSION OVERLAY when you have chosen to activate an overlay extension
  • But if the panel extension is activated, you will see a prompt that asks you to pick which panel slot you want to show the Twitch TV expansion panel.

Steps to Fix if Is Not Working

At times, several users indicated that they had a lot of problems with Twitch TV to activate. So we’ve given all the options you can choose if the doesn’t work.

1. Reactivate the Device

To reactivate the computer and send the code, first go to the menu bar >Twitch > Activation > now the activation code will appear, enter it in the six-code authentication, and then check whether or not the issue has been resolved.

2. Changing the HDMI Cable

Many users have also mentioned the problem solved by adjusting the HDMI cable. 

Twitch has taken the world by storm with its premium service and a first-class update and customer support system. There are, however, a lot of technical glitches that can hinder your overall experience. Notwithstanding that, the service provided by Twitch to its users is truly incomparable and wonderful in every way. Therefore, follow the exact steps indicated in this Twitch TV Activate Guide to get twitch accounts easily. Find your favorite shows and watch the binge at any time.

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