Know How to Watch Telemundo on Roku

Today, we are overjoyed to inform the availability of a channel for our Spanish-speaking customers! Telemundo is the first significant Hispanic network to premiere on the Roku platform in the United States, with Telemundo Now available on Roku players and Roku TV devices.

Roku subscribers in the United States who authenticate through their pay TV provider can now watch full seasons, current and previous episodes, short form clips, and other Telemundo programmes.

Telemundo Now features the most-watched Telemundo Super Series, El Seor de los Cielos , as well as the popular programme Caso Cerrado, the top rated singing competition La Voz Kids, and even more. Telemundo also delivers exclusive Spanish-language sports and news coverage. This channel is available in more than a hundred countries and 35 languages. Telemundo broadcasts a wide range of programming, including sports and telenovelas. However, because it is an American Spanish channel, it also has English subtitles.

How to Watch Telemundo on Roku

Telemundo, as we all know, is a prominent Spanish channel. Telemundo offers a Roku app, and all you have to do is download it. Before you begin, make sure that all of the following specifications are complete.

  • Navigate to the Roku Home Page by pressing the Home button on your remote.
  • Choose the Streaming channels tab on your display from the sidebar.
  • Go to the Search Channels option under Streaming Channels and look for Telemundo.
  • To access the channel overview, click the OK button.
  • To download and install Telemundo on the Roku device, select the Buy option.
  • Finally, sign in to your account using your credentials.

How to Activate Telemundo on Roku?

If your pay TV provider allows TV Everywhere, it is very easy to activate Telemundo Roku Channel if you connect with your cables or satellite. The entire procedure is as follows:

  • Begin by opening the Telemundo channel from the Roku Home screen.
  • Navigate to the top navigation bar of the channel and click the More tab on the right.
  • Select Sign In > Log in with NBCUniversal Profile after selecting My Profile in the following menu.
  • Now, copy the code displayed on the activation page and navigate to using your mobile or computer web browser.
  • In the empty space, type the activation code and click the button Continue 
  • Once on the NBCUniversal login page, click Sign Up at the bottom and then select Sign Up with Email.
  • Fill out the creation profile form, agree to the service conditions and again press the SignUp button.
  • When prompted to link your TV provider to your newly established NBCUniversal Profile, select Yes.
  • Then, from the extensive list, select your TV provider, and then follow the on-screen directions to log in with your credentials.

You should now be logged into the Telemundo Roku channel if you followed the steps correctly. Following successful activation, you will be able to watch your favourite Telemundo shows on-demand as well as tune in to the live TV broadcast 24/7 live TV feed.

Telemundo programmes will be available to watch as long as your cable or satellite subscription is active. Otherwise, the Telemundo Roku channel will only provide you with a limited selection of free entertainment.

Stream Telemundo for free on Roku with Locast is a non-profit organisation that streams over-the-air channels online in a variety of US locations, and it is compatible with many generations of Roku players. It’s also quite simple to add and activate on a Roku device.

Telemundo is an over-the-air television station, meaning you don’t need a cable or satellite TV subscription to view it. If you live in Telemundo’s service region, you may watch the channel on a big screen for free by using the Locast Roku channel.

In fact, Locast gives you access to a variety of other local TV channels, including NBC, Univision, ABC, FOX, CBS, CW, WGN, and more. Although the service frequently interrupts broadcasts with contribution requests, you may get rid of them for as low as $5 per month. For additional information, visit

Stream Telemundo on Roku with Live TV Services

The Telemundo channel is also available on a few over-the-top, subscription-based live TV streaming platforms in the United States. The majority of them are presently available on Roku.

If you want to switch from your pricey cable or satellite pay-TV connection to a more affordable skinny bundle without losing access to Telemundo, try one of the following options:


FuboTV offers 70+ channels for $64.99 each month, including Telemundo and others. It also includes 250 hours of cloud DVR storage to record Channels for later viewing.

YouTube TV

The Telemundo channel is available on YouTube TV’s basic channel plan, which costs $64.99 a month. This package includes 85+ live channels as well as Telemundo, as well as unlimited cloud DVR.

Hulu + Live TV

Hulu + Live TV is one of the top streaming sites, offering on-demand programmes, movies, and live television. Hulu’s membership package is $64.99 a month, and you may add channels as add-ons. Telemundo is one of the live TV channels available on Hulu, and it costs $5.99 a month.

It’s worth noting that you may utilise your OTT subscription to access TV Everywhere networks like Telemundo on Roku. During the activation procedure, you will see fuboTV, Hulu, and YouTube TV on the list of participating TV providers.

Telemundo’s original Spanish-language programming are available live and on-demand on Roku via a variety of platforms, with the majority of them serving as viable cord-cutting options. It is worth mentioning, however, that the channel’s availability is solely dependent on whether you are in Telemundo’s broadcast region.

All of Roku’s devices such as Roku Premiere, Roku Ultra, Roku Express, Roku Streaming Stick, Roku Streambar and Roku TV are used to add and activate the official Telemundo channel.

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