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The days have gone where there were not many entertainment options for people. TV was the main source of entertainment, but there were not many good channels. With Internet intervention, things began to take a ‘U’ turn. Today, with the aid of the high-speed internet, people can watch their favorite movies, shows, videos, series, etc. Among the numerous service providers, Syfy, which is operated by the NBC Universal Television and Streaming division of NBCUniversal, has emerged as the leading American basic cable channel. Syfy currently has 92,4 million households in the United States.

Erstwhile Sci-Fi Channel and Sci-Fi, Syfy, Comcast’s subsidiary, presents drama, science fiction, supernatural, fantasy, reality, horror, and paranormal programming. There’s no stopping you if you love one of them and have a Syfy subscription. All you need to know is how to and watch your favorite videos and movies. activate/activatenbcu on Fire TV

You can access the latest films, videos and other wide video contents on your Amazon Fire TV if you have an active Syfy subscription. Simply enter the activation code on the Amazon Fire TV, in order to authenticate Syfy on your Fire TV.

In addition to watching the latest episodes, you can schedule 24 X 7 and access the Live-watch when you sign in with your TV provider. activate/activatenbcu Code

Users that have subscribed to SYFY will serve all episodes and access on-demand content from across the NBC Universal Network Family – CNBC, USA, NBC, Bravo, Ei, MSNBC, and Oxygen. In order to “favourite, save, and resume shows across all your devices,” you need to create an NBCUniversal Profile.

  • Now Click on this link
  • You will be asked to enter your Activation Code.
  • After entering the code, press the “Continue” button.
  • That’s it! You can watch your favorite shows.

How To Activate the SYFY Channel on Roku at activate/activatenbcu

Trying to access all of Roku’s great Sci-Fi content? Why not activate Syfy in Roku and see all your favorite genre’s fantastic videos and movies. Roku customers who authenticate via their Pay-TV provider can access short-form clips, watch full-time seasons, and various (past and current) events from Syfy from now on. Syfy now is also available on Roku players and on Roku TV.

In the Roku Channel Store on Roku TV and Roku Players, you just need to find the Syfy Now channel in the TV Everywhere category.


NBC’s Syfy is now available for Roku media players. The approach to activating Syfy on Roku is close to Syfy com activate/activatenbcu.

  • On your Roku device, download and install the Syfy app.
  • Log in (if requested) and write down the activation code when you open an app.
  • Go to or
  • On your Roku screen, enter the activation code.
  • Click the “Continue” button.
  • To pick the network of your TV provider, click the drop-down menu.
  • Sign in to your username and password account.
  • Upon logging in, you will be able to access Syfy content on your TV via Roku device on your Web browser.

Have you faced a problem with Roku? Are you trying to connect Syfy to Roku TV, but the code doesn’t work? In such situations, it is recommended that you delete the channel from the Roku home screen.

Easy Steps to Add Any Channel on Roku Device – Watch Now

Activate Syfy on Apple TV

Syfy on Apple TV

Follow the procedures below if you aspire to activate NBCU on your Apple TV through

  • Open the Apple TV and press the home button.
  • From your home menu, open the App Store.
  • Browse the “Features” app and search for the SYFY app.
  • To download and install the app, tap the app and click ‘Get’.
  • Launch the “SYFY App” and view the code for activation. Ensure that you are logged in.
  • On your phone or your computer browser, go to Apple TV.
  • Enter the “Activation Code for your device” and tap “Continue.”
  • When prompted, select the TV network provider.
  • To activate your Apple TV, follow the instructions on the screen.

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Now, on your Apple TV, the NBCU App screen will change and show the SyFy welcome message and you will be able to sort through your device’s SyFy channel.

Now Click here and get Syfy App and Features Now on your Devices: iPhone/iPad, Windows Phone and Tables, Roku, Xbox One and, of course, Apple TV.

In case you need to help? Visit the Help Center

You may connect with SYFY via


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