How to Activate and Watch Peacock TV Roku, Fire TV and Android

Peacock tv is a digital entertainment platform streaming plethora of your favourite tv series, movies. Now, you can always fill your gut with latest news, sports and pop culture boost. The above information is what dreams are made of especially when you are sitting idle and craving for good piece of entertainment. Today, this blog will take you into the world of HD peacock tv with few easy steps to activate it using Following these steps, you will be able to absorb quality content on various platforms like LG Smart TV, Roku TV, Apple TV and many more.

Many a times technology doesn’t come handy and it is full of jargon. Consequently, the solution to this problem is using an authorized activation link to install Peacock Tv. A good thing about peacock TV is that it has content for everyone so it is high time that you activate it now to not miss on trending shows or sports. Your time is important hence combination of important time and fulfilling entertainers can never go wrong.  

Let us take you through a guide on how to subscribe to Peacock tv on streaming platforms.

Guide to for the Magnificent Apple TV

Apple tv surely stands out when we talk about streaming platforms. What if we tell you, you are few steps away in activating high-definition peacock television on the magnificent apple tv. Also, these steps will not feel like a burden on your shoulders because we are presenting the most sought out procedure for you. All you have to do is use a link Now let’s magnify how to add peacock tv on Apple tv so that shows like “The office and parks & recreation” are always on your tip.

  • Firstly, Switch on your device. Then take yourself to Apple App Store with the help of remote.
  • You can easily get your way to search option on the menu. Click on to it and then type Peacock tv.
  • In the next step, push “get” option to move to further installation on your Apple Tv.
  • After you will introduce Peacock Application, you will immediately see an activation code in front of you.
  • Then open the link (mentioned in start) in your browser and enter the code which you saw previously on your TV screen.
  • It will direct you to “Next” button, click on the button. Significantly choose your convenient provider to log in your system using Peacock credentials.

Sit back and enjoy your favourites at best quality.

Peacock TV On Roku

With smart access, Roku Tv is living in hearts of people.  Apart from easy accessibility, Roku TV let it’s viewers get taste of free content on its streaming like BBC sport, Netflix and Amazon Prime Video. Since Roku TV is feature-packed and has a revolutionary face people are liking it more and more. But today you will know how to activate peacock tv through a three-word activation link –

Let’s start power packed entertainment without going through rocket science.

  • Before going in depth, make sure your device is all ready. Navigate your remote to the home screen.
  • The second step involves going to search option – its looks like a ring, available on your menu bar. Somewhere in middle of TV Store and Streaming Channels option.
  • Type your keyword like “peacock tv on search bar” and add that channel to Roku TV.
  • After above steps, you will be asked to launch the peacock app and log in to it.
  • Soon after you will make your way into the entry gate of peacock, you will receive a distinguished activation code. Do not click any other button because you may lose your unique code. Instead remember it to use in the browser.
  • Now that you are in your browser – type a link or ( and then enter the verification code. Then “Continue” will appear, click on it and log in with your peacock account.

Wasn’t that simple? We make sure that you don’t have to juggle a lot of things in your mind in order to relax and watch something. After all entertainment doesn’t have to be complex. Hope the above steps help you in getting one step closer to your check listed show or news.

Instructions to Activate Peacock TV on Amazon Fire TV

Speaking about top streaming devices and not mentioning Amazon Fire tv – “Impossible”. But what can we exactly do to make it more fun, full of rush and boredom free? You guessed it right! When there is Peacock tv with its free top-ranking IMDB shows and movies, need not to die of boredom. Consequently, we are giving you few ascending steps in activating Peacock tv without doing a lot.

  • Amazon store lets you search for Peacock television on your amazon fire TV system.
  • As you will continue, you will come across “Search Bar”, type the keyword “Peacock TV” as usual and then enter.
  • Once peacock app will pop up in front of you. You just have to install it.
  • The above step will lead you to get an activation code on your device screen.
  • It’s the step where your phone or laptop will work. Open browser and insert a link – or (
  • You will be asked to be directed towards selecting the TV provider – you know the drill.
  • Last but not the least, log in with your account information and enter into the fair of Peacock Television.

Like the name suggest, amazon fire tv is a fame worthy invention of Amazon. As a consequence of taking Amazon Fire TV service, you are converting your tv into smart tv. And what can be better than amalgamation of best streaming platform and Extra smooth amazon fire Tv.

Make a Way for Peacock App on Your Android and iPhone

Androids and iPhone cannot lose any mention when we are talking about convenience. Likewise entertainment on these devices is a must! Peacock tv isn’t missing a place where it cannot provide on go fun of classic movies, blockbuster movies and late-night shows. Let’s find out how you can add peacock entertainment to Androids and iPhone using

  • Just like any other application, go to google play store and download the app as usual.
  • The second step include receiving a special activation code which will be used in the process.
  • Open a link (as mentioned above) in the browser and type in the saved activation code correctly.
  • In the ending part, just click “Next” and log in with your subscribed info.

Make Use of Peacock TV on LG Smart TV

Here an easy guide is stated for a cherished experience. Are we forgetting something? Yes a link –

  • Set your LG Smart TV and launch LG Content Store and then go to apps.
  • Then highlight the peacock app title and press “Enter” on your remote.
  • Click on install and then you will be upfronted with an activation-based code.
  • Enter the code in the above mentioned link (in the starting) and click on next. Your App is all set. Log in with your credentials.

Right when you will end up activating peacock tv, you will enter into the door of music, drama, sports, thrillers and much more. There are numerous channels and networks to look forward to like NBC, History, DreamWorks, and Fox etc. Are you ready for a wholesome experience?

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