– How to Activate Navy Federal Card?

As of the third quarter of 2019, Navy Federal (Navy Federal Credit Union) boasts more than 8.85 million members (currently, over 9 million). Headquartered in Vienna, Virginia, the United States, Navy Federal is the largest natural member credit union in the country – both in membership and in asset size. Since 1933, since the company has managed to maintain a phenomenal record, keeping its vision crystal clear – “Be the most preferred and trusted financial institution serving the military and their families”.

Secure. Convenient. Smart. – Navy Federal Debit Card

If you are a member of the Navy Federal Credit Union, you will enjoy a plethora of perks. And one of them is owning a Navy Federal debit card. The card is known for allowing its members to shop securely and conveniently. When it comes to secure and worry-free shopping experience, this is how the debit card is going to protect all your transactions.

  • The debit card comes built-in with Chip Technology that encrypts all your transactions to safeguard personal information.
  • It has round the clock fraud monitoring and access to stateside member reps for assistance.
  • Freeze/ Unfreeze features stops others from using the card if lost or stolen.
  • Safer than cash or checks.
  • Zero Liability Policy – It ensures you won’t lose money (even a cent) due to fraud or unauthorized charges.

All your transactions are backed by the Zero Liability policy. If there’s an unauthorized transaction made on your card, you will surely get your money back, often the same day. However, you must report the suspected fraud as soon as possible. After submitting your claim, you will receive an email confirming receipt of the claim. Also, you need to sign up for transaction notifications to get notices when unusual use appears on the card. Consider freezing your card when you misplace it and unfreeze it when you get it back.

Benefits of Having a Navy Federal Debit Card

You are going to avail of yourself a wide range of benefits. Here are some of the perks of having a debit card from Navy Federal.

  • The debit card can be used at numerous stores worldwide.
  • All the purchases are protected against fraud (via the Zero Liability policy)
  • Get money directly from the checking account.
  • The hassle-free shopping experience at stores, online, and over the phone.
  • Additional protection via chip cards with inbuilt microchip technology.
  • Use PIN to get cash.
  • Check transaction history on your phone or online.
  • No minimum purchase amount.
  • Skip the ATM, get cash back at the register.
  • Compatible with Google Pay, Samsung Pay, and Apple Pay.

How to Activate Navy Your Federal Debit Card (

There are two ways to activate your card –

  1. Via Online (By visiting the official website, i.e.
  2. Via Phone

Activating Navy Federal Debit Card via Online –

  • Visit the official website and “sign up for online banking” (If you haven’t signed up yet and don’t hold an account with Navy Federal).
  • Create a username and password (For that you must follow the on-screen instructions).
  • Now, log in using the registered username and password.
  • Click on the “Checks & Savings” option and then select “Checking & Debit Card”.
  • Click on the “Card activation” button.
  • The on-screen instruction will prompt you to enter your card number and the CVV number.
  • Click “Activate”.
  • That’s it! Your card will be activated soon.

Activating Navy Federal Debit Card via Phone –

  • Dial the number mentioned on the website (1-888-842-6328 is the 24/7 member service number. 256074974 is the routing number.)
  • Listen and follow the instructions.
  • The representative might ask for a few details.
  • Once confirmed, your debit card will be activated within no time.

After your debit card is activated, you must understand how to control your purchases without increasing debt. Always track your spending and stay on top of your account activity.

  • As stated above, you can set up personalized transaction notifications to get all the updates when you make any purchase at stores or online.
  • Money comes from a checking account with no interest charges.
  • Reset your PIN to thwart any fraudulent activity.
  • Access complete transaction history via online banking or on mobile banking.

Thinking to Apply for a Credit Card by Navy Federal?

Why only debit card when you can also get a credit card and enjoy a wide gamut of benefits. Included with Navy Federal credit cards –

  • Fraud notifications
  • Ability to freeze and unfreeze your card
  • 24/7 access to stateside member reps
  • Access to your FICO credit score
  • No balance transfer or foreign transaction fees
  • Zero Liability policy for an unauthorized transaction

NOTE: Check out the website for more details. If you need any help to activate your Navy Federal card, get in touch with the professionals at 24/7 Member Services: 1-888-842-6328

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