How to Stream MSNBC on Roku Streaming Device

The days were ended when you had a subscription to MSNBC for a cable or satellite television. You may stream the channel online in this modern day using different streaming providers or even streaming devices like Roku.

MSNBC is a well-known American television network owned by NBC Universal. The channel distributes news from throughout the world, making it one of the most well-known news outlets.

Although it is available on all satellite networks as a paid channel, MSNBC may still be accessed on many devices, including Roku, without subscription. To watch MSNBC on Roku, head to the channel store and subscribe to the NBC News channel. If you are ready, we will walk you how to stream MSNBC.

How to Add MSNBC on Roku?

MSNBC has no own Roku app, although its parent app NBC News has a channel.

  • After it has been turned on, press the Home button on your Roku device.
  • Select the search option from the menu.
  • Type NBC News into the search box.
  • Go to Add Channel and select NBC News to add NBC News to your Roku.
  • After the channel is added, open NBC News.
  • Go to the top and select the MSNBC channel on the home screen.
  • You may now watch Roku’s MSNBC News.

Watch MSNBC Live on Roku

Follow these instructions to view MSNBC on Roku.

  • Subscribing to a streaming service that includes MSNBC is a good idea (Sling TV, YouTube TV, FuboTV, or Hulu Live TV)
  • Navigate to “Search” in your Roku menu and click on “OK
  • In the search bar, type the name of the streaming service you use.
  • Press “OK” after selecting the streaming service.
  • Choose “Add channel” on your remote to hit “OK.” If the channel is already installed, the option “Go To Channel” will be available.
  • Now, the App on your Roku is installed. Open the app and login using your service subscription credentials. MSNBC will be a station accessible via the app’s live TV guide.

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Various Ways to Watch MSNBC on Roku Via the web

The NBC News Channel is also added to Roku and streamed MSNBC by the Web.

  • Go to the channel store on any device using a web browser.
  • Use the login username and password of your Roku.
  • Flip over the drop-down arrow ‘What to watch’ in the top menu.
  • Select ‘Channel Store’ from the menu to visit the Roku channel store.
  • Search the search box and select the app for NBC News.
  • Go to the App page and click ‘+Add channel’ to add the channel on Roku.
  • The app is then automatically added to all Roku devices.

Alternative Ways to watch MSNBC on Roku

You may also watch MSNBC on Roku through subscription-based streaming services such as

YouTube TV

MSNBC may be watched live on YouTube TV. It is available on Roku for $64.99 a month as a base subscription with a one-week free trial. Aside from that, you may watch ad-free YouTube streaming and watch YouTube originals.

Hulu + Live TV

Another excellent alternative for watching MSNBC Live on Roku is Hulu + Live TV. It costs $54.99 per month and includes a seven-day free trial. It also grants you access to all of the content accessible on the Hulu streaming platform.

Sling TV

The MSNBC channel is available with Sling Blue or Orange & Blue. It costs roughly $30 per month for Blue and $45 per month for Orange & Blue with a three-day free trial. Sling TV also gives you access to a variety of other channels on other streams.

Fubo TV

Fubo TV is a famous Live TV Streaming service that may provide you with access to MSNBC News for $64.99 per month with a one-week free trial.


AT&T TV is one of the well-known service companies providing MSNBC cable and satellite televisions free of charge by signing in to cable television with an MSNBC subscription or by using a 1 week free trial and $40 a month.


TVision is not very popular as a streaming service but offers a $40 membership monthly MSNBC channel. In addition, with its membership, it also offers some great collection channels.These are several ways to look at the Roku MSNBC. The best way to view Roku on the NBC News Channel is free of charge. We also think a channel for MSNBC news on the Channel Store Roku will soon be available. The NBC News App is the quickest and most secure way to monitor the use of MSNBC on Roku. The channel can be accessed. To add this to Roku, follow the aforementioned instructions. You will need a cable or satellite TV subscription to login and start streaming. If your Roku does not have the NBC News app available, you can still watch MSNBC via the alternate streaming service.

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