Activate Your Home Testing Kit Online at

Have you activated your home testing kit? If you haven’t yet, make sure you do that before collecting your sample. The online activation address is

12 Steps to activate it at

The following steps come in handy for tests purchased online at the official website of or from one of its resellers. Just stick to the steps to experience a seamless experience.

  • Go directly to or visit the authorized web portal, i.e. and click on the “ACTIVATE TEST” option on top of the website (next to the “Help” button).
  • It will take you to this page – Welcome to your test activation.
  • You will be prompted to enter the unique activation code. You will basically have to enter two codes – Test Alpha Code (6 letter alpha code) and Test Numerical Code (12-digit code). These codes can be found inside your test box or you can simply scan the QR code.
  • Click on the “Continue” button to proceed.
  • Next, you will see the Contact details/ address screen. (You might not see this screen if you created an account while purchasing the test online from LetsGetChecked.)
  • On the phone number validation page, it will prompt you to enter your mobile phone number. Make sure your mobile phone is valid. You will get results on this number. Click on the “Send Verification Code” option to receive a code.
  • This should be a 6-digit code that you will receive by text message. If you don’t receive it within a few minutes, click on the “Resend” button.

Note: In case you don’t have a cell phone or mobile number, your house phone number would work as well.

  • Select “Submit Code” after entering the code here. (Note: Skip this step if entered the house phone number.)
  • The next step involves answering questions related to your health, medical history, and lifestyle. It will keep your health record.
  • Test specific answers such as medical history, address specific symptoms, etc. need to be put so that the medical team can assess your results based on the information you have provided.
  • Next, choose your date and time for the sample. If you have to give blood samples, choose your test day – Monday to Thursday morning before 10 am. This would help you avoid shipping delays, which usually happen over the weekend. Another reason why you should take your test between Monday and Thursday is to prevent your blood sample from clotting.

Note: Want a later time? Let the team know by setting a text message reminder. The LetsGetChecked team will contact you through message.

  • You have now activated your test.

The next step involves sticking to the online instructions. Simply, use the printed instructions in your test kit or just select “How to collect your sample”.

When Should You Take Test?

If you have to take your test, make sure your tests should be done on Monday to Thursday before 10 am and returned the same day. However, here are the following exceptions that may apply –

  • STI test (window periods apply)
  • Male Hormone tests (before 9 am)
  • Cortisol test (8 am – 10 am)
  • Female Hormone tests

Before taking your sample, you must activate your test online. Are you collecting your sample for the first time? Give yourself 30 minutes to ensure you go through the instructions and be well prepared.

How to Fix Issues While Signing in or Activating?

Are you not able to access your account due to some issues? There’s nothing to be worried about. Let us walk you through the following handy information –

  • When you place your order using Google Pay or Apple, you won’t be able to access your account the next time you try to. Why? Your order is, in fact, placed using a guest account, which you can’t sign in to no matter how hard you try to.
  • As soon as your order is confirmed and you receive your kit, activate it using the above steps. Make sure you activate it before collecting your samples.
  • And to activate your kit, create a new account. Take a look here –
  • Access the activate page, i.e. or go to the Home page and click on the “Activate Test” option.
  • Enter the codes and select “Create an account”.
  • Provide the required information and adhere to the on-screen steps to create a new account.

LetsGetChecked Help Page

Whether you have questions regarding the product delivery or tests & medical, visit the Help page to avail of yourself all necessary information.

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