How to Activate Your Spot Device at

SPOT is renowned for using only satellite technologies to provide full peace of mind to its customers. SPOT’s different offerings allow you to remain linked to the things and people that are most important to you. SPOT not only lets you send and receive messages, monitor assets, identify waypoints, and send your GPS location and status, but it also keeps track of your progress on SPOT Mapping and alerts search and rescue officials in the event of an emergency. If you just got your SPOT unit, you’ll need to configure it with a SPOT Service Plan at before you can use it. Follow the instructions given below to learn how to activate your SPOT device on the page.

SPOT, LLC, a reputable organisation owned and run by Globalstar, Inc., offers personalised Satellite IoT Solutions for all kinds of people who need peace of mind, including experienced guides and athletes, casual outdoor adventurers, National Geographic explorers, government agency workers, researchers, and photographers. When you venture outside the range of secure wireless coverage, the real usefulness of SPOT products becomes apparent, as the devices keep all – families, coworkers, and friends – updated on your whereabouts.

How to Activate SPOT Products Via

The fastest and simplest way to access your SPOT device is to go to the authorised web page – – and choose “Activate Your SPOT.”

  • You’ll be prompted to “Create a new account.” (SPOT users must register for a new account.) Go to if you already have one and want to activate your new device.)
  • To begin activation, click the “Begin Activation” button. 
  • You must have your username, password, confirm password, secret question, secret reply, nation, SPOT Device, ESN (serial number), device name, and authentication code on the next screen (8 digits Authorization code).
  • At the bottom of your retail box you will find the ESN and Auth keys. Look inside the SPOT device in the battery compartment if you do not see them there. For Device Name, you can choose any name you want to identify easier if more than one device is available.
  • Now, press the “Next” button.
  • Sign in your SPOT device and type your contact details for personal or business use.
  • Now, press the “Next” button.
  • Choose your payment method and then press “Next.”
  • You have to contact your emergency contact in case of any unprecedented events your emergency contacts would be informed about your situation and you will be provided with immediate medical attention.
  • Enter your payment details, double-check it, and then press the “Next” button.
  • Submit Payment,” and you’re done!
  • You’ve just activated your SPOT device and are about to leave your cubicle in search of peace of mind.

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Details Of Device

  • Country: Choose your preferred country from the drop-down menu.
  • ESN: Enter the Serial Number found on the bottom of your retail package or in the battery portion of your SPOT unit.
  • Auth Code: Input the 8-digit Auth Code found on the bottom of your retail box or in the battery section of your SPOT device.
  • Device Name: Any name of your choice can be selected. When you have multiple devices, this would ensure that you can tell them apart.

Tips for Common Activate Error Messages

Certain issues can arise during the SPOT device activation process. Any of these with troubleshooting advice are mentioned below.

  • Error Entering Account Information: This will happen if you want to build an account with a username that has already been taken. Choose a different username, which can be modified after the activation step is complete.
  • Incorrect ESN and Auth Code: In such situations, you can contact Customer Service at Find Me Spot
  • Payment Failed: Check if you have approved the payment card details, billing address, and terms and conditions before remitting the final amount.

So, here are the steps you must take to activate your SPOT device at

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