How to Activate Curiosity Stream on Apple TV, Roku [Update 2022]

CuriosityStream is a prominent entertainment and factual media company known for providing video programming to viewers, such as TV shows, documentary and short video content. Currently, its direct and combined subscription companies make it over 13 million subscribers worldwide. The History of Home, Miniverse, 4th & Forever: Musk City, Deep Time History, Stefan Hawking’s Favorite Places and contents from producers including NHK and BBC are some of CuriosityStream’s original documentaries collection. If you access this network and use streamed devices, you can first install the app on your streaming device and then activate it on, you will be able to view the CuriosityStream content. Follow the instructions below to know how to activate CuriosityStream on

What is CuriosityStream? 

CuriosityStream is an ad-free streaming service. The service was started in 2015 by Discover Channel creator. It is a documentary niche channel, just like ESPN+ in sports. it’s the niche service. CuriosityStream is specialised in educational documentary titles with a library exploring history, nature, science and engineering.

The BBC, NHK, and ZED content feature in CuriosityStream. It has its own original material in the mix as well.

It offers educators, companies and libraries who wish to buy more than 10 subscriptions exclusive discounts.

What to watch on Curiosity TV?

CuriosityStream provides a wide variety of documentaries, from famous titles to series led by renowned names and leading industrial scientists. The service includes films, series, shorts, lectures, etc. Don’t plan to find films based on fact in his catalogue. You can also find large-scale documentary films such as HBO’s Going Clear: Scientology and Prison of Belief or The Wild Wild Country of Netflix with great pressure.

CuriosityStream splits the content into a variety of major categories.

  • Science
  • Technology
  • Civilization
  • Human Spirit

Movie Documentaries

There are some Sir David Attenborough films from CuriosityStream, including documentaries such as Light on Earth, Ant Mountain, and Deep Ocean. There are also heady documentaries such as What is Reality? with David Eagleman, who has delivered TedTalks lectures, and the Illusions and Exploring Quantum History docuseries with Brian Greene.

Original Documentary 

CuriosityStream contains a lot of original titles such as Digits (with Edward Snowden), Deep Time History, Sacred Spaces, Living Universe, Breakthrough and A Curious World.

Educational Content

CuriosityStream’s educational resources provide games that can be used as supplementary K-12 learning materials. There are also a number of options for college and university students. CuriosityStream’s library has titles including Stephen Hawking’s Favorite Places, Out of the Cradle, Return to the Moon, The Body, Ancient Earth, and Age of Big Cats.

CuriosityStream can be used by both public and academic libraries. These organisations will make arrangements for patrons to use their library cards to access the facility. Businesses and companies may also create accounts and grant access to their employees.

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Features of CuriosityStream

DVR storage is not available via CuriosityStream. You can, however, import titles to Android and iOS devices to watch while you’re not connected to the internet. To get started, simply download the CuriosityStream app. You will store up to 10 hours of video on your screen. Navigate to My Stuff and select Saved to free up space on your device. You’ll have complete control of how you remove and delete videos.

CuriosityStream has you secured when it comes to sharing your account with family members. The service allows for an infinite number of concurrent streams. Another niche app, Disney+, only offers four. The freedom to watch on many screens at once is ideal for big families who choose to stream openly without being concerned with who else is using the software.

You don’t have to be concerned with your children viewing mature content on CuriosityStream. Toggle the Kids Mode option to keep kids from accessing mature material. This functionality is streamlined across all of the platforms by the service. To see all available content again, simply switching off the filter.

How to Activate on Apple TV?

  • You must first turn on your Apple TV and ensure it’s linked to the internet. Then you’ll have to go to Apple TV’s home screen, go to the App Store.
  • When you are in the App Store, you must either browse the categories listed on your screen or check the CuriosityStream app.
  • If you use the search option in the search section, enter “CuriosityStream” and click on the search icon. You will have to pick the CuriosityStream app for the preview page from the search results that appear on your screen.
  • You will have to install the app on your Apple TV with the Install button on the preview page. Return to home screen after the app has been installed, and choose the CuriosityStream app to start it.
  • You will receive the activation code on your screen when you open the CuriosityStream app on your Apple TV. If prompted, you may be required to sign in before receiving the activation code.
  • Now, once you’ve got your activation code, open your phone or tablet or device and use the URL – – to go to the activation page of CuriosityStream.

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How to Activate Curiosity Stream On ROKU?

  • Start with pressing the home icon on your remote to go to your Roku home screen. Select the Roku Channel Store choice from the home screen by scrolling down to the bottom and selecting the Streaming Channel.
  • Locate the Curiosity app in the Apps section by searching through the various lists and categories or by using the Search bar. To use the search option, first enter “CuriosityStream” in the search field and then press the search button.
  • Pick the CuriosityStream from the search results that appear on your screen. This will take you to the preview tab.
  • You’ll need to install the application in your Roku device when you’re on the preview page by clicking Add Channel. Now You will need to return to the home screen and open the CuriosityStream app after successful installation of the app on your Roku device.
  • You are now provided with activation code on your screen when you open the CuriosityStream application on your Roku device. You will be required to register if asked before the activation code can be received.
  • After having the activation code, open a browser on your phone, tablet or computer and use the URL – to go to the activation page of CuriosityStream.
  • You just have to obey the on-screen instructions for the activation process to complete. The CuriosityStream application can then be accessed on your Roku device.

So, these are the instructions for activating the Curiosity app on the page.

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